December 10, 2021

Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi Seafood


A Go-To Holiday Ingredient That’s Both Good for You and Good for the Planet

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning for the perfect holiday spread. Preparing the irresistible, family-approved classics is not always easy, but selecting the right ingredients can make your holiday menu not only delicious but nutritious and affordable as well. Fortunately, Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood has you covered.


What Is Surimi Seafood?

Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood, often known as imitation crab, is made from REAL, sustainably sourced wild-caught Wild Alaska Pollock. Surimi seafood has been popular in Asia for over 900 years and is now enjoyed globally in French, Thai, and Japanese cuisines as well as popular sushi bar favorites like California rolls, poke bowls and delicious crab salads. 

This premium protein offers versatility and superior flavor that also make it a star in indulgent holiday favorites such as cheesy crab dips, hearty soups and even as a delicious substitute for shellfish in pastas and salads.

Available year-round, Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood is affordable and comes in a variety of formats making it extremely versatile and easy-to-prepare.



What Are the Benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi Seafood?

Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood is one of the most nutritious and climate-friendly proteins on earth. In fact, Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood is verified by a Life Cycle Assessment to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than many other proteins including beef, chicken and plant-based options.

This craveable fish is also an excellent source of complete, high-quality protein and offers you an easy-to-prepare, affordable alternative to crab and other shellfish too.



How Is Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi Prepared?

Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood comes in a variety of formats and can be used as a main protein or addition to a side dish. Preparation is easy, and can be grilled, baked or marinated.

You can find Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood at your local grocer in the frozen section or near the fresh case.

ooking for Some Recipe Inspiration?

There are endless ways to incorporate Wild Alaska Pollock surimi seafood into your holiday menu that offer affordable, crowd-pleasing flavor. Check out our most-loved recipes here or visit for additional information and recipe ideas.







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