Insight from our experts about GAPP and all things Wild Alaska Pollock.

Wild Alaska Pollock Supports Communities

September 27, 2021

Wild Alaska Pollock Fishery Helps Investments in Community, Human, and Economic Capital

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Wild Alaska Pollock Makes an Impact

Craig Morris , July 26, 2021

"Our goal at the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers and the members we serve, now armed with scientifically valid information about Wild Alaska Pollock’s impact on the planet, is to share that information with people so that they can make decisions. If they care about their individual environmental footprint—eating more Wild Alaska Pollock could be part of a solution, even if a small one."

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The Lenten Season: A Cause for Celebration in the Seafood Industry

February 17, 2021

"Millions more Americans consume seafood right now than any other time in the calendar year. Consumption rises during this time making our partners more inclined to try new things and work more closely with our industry." Learn more about the Lenten season and what role it plays in the seafood industry.

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Meet the Associate Member: Simrad

May 22, 2020

Meet Simrad, a GAPP Associate Member and leader in sustainable fisheries technologies! Learn more about their latest and greatest innovations for the Wild Alaska Pollock Industry.

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The Need for Radical Innovation, and Togetherness

Craig Morris , May 14, 2020

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I hope we can all work to fortify our global food chain for the future and feed a growing world population sustainably."

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Get “Saucy” with New Bullwhip Hot Sauce

May 05, 2020

We sat down with one of the founders of Barnacle Foods, the inventors of Bullwhip Hot Sauce, to talk about how this amazing sauce came to be and what’s next for this innovative Alaskan company.

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Finding our Happily Ever After-COVID Ending

Craig Morris , April 21, 2020

What we do now to prepare will help set our industry up for success. Now is the time to prepare and come together and get creative. Now is the time to recognize that our new normal is going to be an entirely new reality and to get comfortable with being (at least in the short term) uncomfortable.

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Home Cooks United, Now More than Ever

April 13, 2020

Meet the food blogger behind "The Life Jolie," Jessy Freimann!

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