Insight from our experts about GAPP and all things Wild Alaska Pollock.

How Consumer First Drives Business Forward

Craig Morris, GAPP CEO , May 04, 2022

Hear from GAPP CEO Craig Morris about his learnings from his recent trip to the Angula's Anguinagas R&D facility in Spain

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Successful 2022 Wild Alaska Pollock Fishing Season Nears Finish Line

Ron Rogness, GAPP Economic and Industry Advisor , April 26, 2022

Hear from GAPP Advisor, Ron Rogness, on the closing of the 2022 A Season for Wild Alaska Pollock

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Eating Healthy with Wild Alaska Pollock and Neptune Fish Jerky

Christine Durkin, GAPP Partnerships Advisor , April 19, 2022

Hear from GAPP Partnerships Advisor, Christine Durkin, about GAPP's partnership with Neptune Snacks!

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So Much to Say About Surimi Seafood

Sharon Ripps, GAPP Research Advisor , April 07, 2022

Hear from Sharon Ripps, GAPP's Research Advisor, about her thoughts on the opportunities of Surimi Seafood

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The Season of Sacrifice Has Special Meaning This Year

Craig Morris , March 02, 2022

The Lenten season began today, March 2nd, 2022. Hear some thoughts from our CEO Craig Morris

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Diversifying Dreams and Opportunities in the UAE

Craig Morris , February 28, 2022

GAPP CEO travels on U.S. Trade Mission to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Exploring the Possibilities of Wild Alaska Pollock: Through the Eyes of a Zennial

Lydia Moore, Social Media and Membership Coordinator , February 25, 2022

Hear more from GAPP's Lydia Moore on all things Wild Alaska Pollock and her visit with Trident Seafoods Head Chef Morgan Gabriel

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