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Let’s Not Sensationalize Science in the Name of ‘Sustainability’

Let's strive to deal in facts and not fear when it comes to sustainability. 


Wild Alaskan Company is Wild about Wild Alaska Pollock

We sat down with Wild Alaskan Company CEO Arron Kallenberg to talk about their growing business, his thoughts on all things Alaskan Seafood and most importantly, why he absolutely loves Wild Alaska Pollock. Read on to hear what he has to say!



Stupendous Market for Stable Surimi in China

Jostein Rortvert, Jeff Welbourn , January 14, 2020

GAPP team visits Ding Wei Tai, leading surimi seafood products producer and uncovers a wealth of unmet potential for surimi in China.

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Impressions of China Wild Alaska Pollock processing for Domestic Consumption

Margery Schelling, Craig Morris , January 11, 2020

Craig Morris, GAPP CEO and American Seafood’s Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Strategy and Innovation Margery Schelling, reflect on their impressions and key takeaways from the tour of the Beiyang Jiamei in Qingdao, China.

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A Tale of Two Club Stores and the Rotisserie Chicken

Jacob Christensen , January 09, 2020

What do Rotisserie Chickens in China and Wild Alaska Pollock have in common?

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Relationships are Key to Success in China

Jeffery Kauffman , January 08, 2020

GAPP member Jeffery Kauffman of Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Association discusses his observations of the China mission trip so far.

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Wild Alaska Pollock is perfectly ‘On Trend’ for 2020

Craig Morris , January 02, 2020

What are the hottest food trends of the new year and how will Wild Alaska Pollock take advantage of them?

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Looking Beyond the Dock

Craig Morris , December 18, 2019

Is the future of the industry more about volume? Or value?

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Seafood—and Wild Alaska Pollock—Aren’t Going to Lose the PR Battle Without a Fight

Craig Morris , December 05, 2019

Facts matter, before, during and after a crisis.

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Wild Alaska Pollock and Budweiser Have More in Common than Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

Craig Morris , November 05, 2019

At our first-ever Annual Meeting last week we unveiled the preliminary results of our comprehensive consumer research, all designed to understand which of our fish’s attributes are most motivating to consumers and why.

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