Angela Kim , August 25, 2023

Chinese Style Steamed Wild Alaska Pollock


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5 Wild Alaska Pollock fillets
2-3 TBS light soy sauce ​⁣
2 TBS mirin ​⁣
1 TBS oyster sauce ​⁣
1/2 of sugar or 1 TBS of agave ​⁣
1 TBS minced garlic (optional) ​⁣
Drizzle of sesame oil ​⁣
Green onion oil (any neutral oil like avocado or sunflower is good)​



Thinly slice green onions and ginger ⁣
Prepare sauce (minced garlic optional)
⁣Lay Wild Alaska Pollock fillets on a steamer and add sliced ginger Prepare green onion oil Arrange steamed Wild Alaska Pollock, add sauce and hot green onion oil
Enjoy with your family!

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