Craig Morris , April 15, 2019

Success By Committee

I recently read that wolves, when traveling in packs, arrange themselves so that the strongest, most adept wolves are in the front—leading the pack. These wolves are the ones that determine the direction of travel for the entire pack—looking for opportunities to hunt and for any threats that may challenge the weaker wolves walking behind. The pack leader, contrary to popular belief, is not out front, instead he brings up the very rear—taking cues from those five strongest wolves in front and ensuring that none of the pack is left behind and that there is clear alignment amongst the entire pack.

I thought that the description how wolves travel, was also an apt description of the best organizational structures and also aptly describes the structure that the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers Board of Directors just approved. 

The new GAPP structure centers around taking our cues from the newly-formed GAPP Committees, or, in “pack” terms—our five strongest wolves out front. These committees will provide direction and guidance to me, but more importantly to the direction of travel for GAPP, ensuring that we’re delivering the greatest return on investment for our membership and the entire Wild Alaska Pollock industry.

In the new GAPP Strategic Plan, the Committees will focus on products instead of markets and look at guiding the organization to determine the most fruitful opportunities and how to wholeheartedly pursue them. The new GAPP Committees, as described in the plan, will be Fillet, Surimi and WAP Roe Committees. There will also be a Communications Committee that will provide overall guidance on messaging. 

Additionally, the Strategic Plan allows for the formation of ad hoc committees that will focus on short-term issue or projects. 

These Committees, comprised of industry experts, are critical to GAPP's success-as they will allow us to tackle challenges and seize every opportunity in real time. With the help of our new GAPP committees, I have no doubt that we';ll lead the pack for the entire seafood category! 

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