August 26, 2022

Meet our Gold Annual Meeting Sponsor: Urner Barry!


On the GAPP blog today, we’re talking to one of the Gold Sponsors for the upcoming Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting, which is being held at the Westin Seattle on October 17th.

Not only is Urner Barry a significant sponsor of the Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting, but also their very own Amanda Buckle is this year’s Master of Ceremonies! Needless to say, Urner Barry is a great partner on this event. We asked Amanda some questions to uncover what makes Urner Barry so special and what they’re looking forward to about the Annual Meeting on October 17th. Here’s what she said:



Q: What’s one thing about Urner Barry people don’t know and you wish they did?

A: We love what we do at Urner Barry! Senior management is always providing learning opportunities to make sure that employees continue their education and expand their knowledge on the industry. We’re constantly coming up with new ways to help our customers get the most out of our offerings and are even expanding our offerings by covering more species and reporting on the plant protein industry.


Q: What session on the GAPP Annual Meeting agenda are you most excited about and why?

A: Don’t make me pick one! I’m excited for the presentation from Ketchum’s Mary Elizabeth Germaine and Lauren Hasse on “What do Americans Think about Wild Alaska Pollock?” As a champion for seafood, I’m always curious about studies that shed light on consumer perception. 


Q: As MC, what makes you most excited about the event?

A: I think GAPP is absolutely fantastic in educating and spreading the good word about Wild Alaska Pollock. I love supporting Wild Alaska Pollock and the work that GAPP is doing any chance I get, so to be able to MC this event is a dream come true. As MC I’m looking forward to networking with fellow attendees and learning more from the impressive list of speakers!


Thank you to Urner Barry for being such a stand-out supporter of GAPP and a Gold Sponsor for Annual Meeting. Haven’t registered yet? Don’t miss out and register here today!

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