February 27, 2023

Nordstrom Expands its Commitment to Wild Alaska Pollock


GAPP builds on its successful partnership with Nordstrom and Trident Seafoods to introduce Wild Alaska Pollock to Nordstrom Shoppers during International Women’s History Month and Earth Month

SEATTLE, Wash.— The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) is proud to announce the second year of its partnership with Nordstrom Restaurants and family-owned Trident Seafoods. This year Nordstrom will be dishing up delicious and nutritious Wild Alaska Pollock menu items at Nordstrom Restaurants and Specialty Coffee Bars. Restaurants will feature Blackened Wild Alaska Pollock & Potato Chowder and the Specialty Coffee Bars will feature a grab-n-go Blackened Wild Alaska Pollock Taco Salad available at Nordstrom during Women’s Month this March and Earth month this April.   In addition to these great products, local Nordstrom Chefs will create their own take on Wild Alaska Pollock and serve additional dishes during the same time-period. 

“Last year, Nordstrom’s menu items featuring Wild Alaska Pollock were an absolute hit with the consumer—in large part because our fish is not only versatile but also has an incredible sustainability story,” said Craig Morris, GAPP CEO. “We are excited to build on last year’s success to expand the program with new dishes for a longer promotional timeframe.  This year you will be able to order Wild Alaska Pollock during International Women’s History Month and Earth Month for a total of 8 weeks.”

"At Trident we love to build partnerships with brands like Nordstrom, that are family businesses with similar values at their core,” said Joe Bundrant, CEO of Trident Seafoods. “This year as Trident celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are continuing to increase awareness of the sustainability benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock during Earth Month, and also expanding the program to include Women’s History Month.  Trident, together with our partners Nordstrom and the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) is committed to partnerships that encourage the growth, development, and recognition of female leaders to ensure our organizations—and our society as a whole-- thrive for generations to come. We have the honor of working with countless strong, female leaders across the seafood industry and we celebrate their accomplishments, today and every day.”

Successful partnerships are not built overnight.  They take time and commitment. Nordstrom Chefs partner and brainstorm with GAPP and the Trident Seafoods team on multiple occasions to ideate and create new and dishes featuring Wild Alaska Pollock.    Wild Alaska Pollock’s mild taste, white color, and flaky texture, make it a chef favorite.   Their ideas and creative thinking help drive the awareness of the world’s best whitefish. This partnership is a great example of companies working together to provide high-quality and sustainable products.  Nordstrom consumers can trust that the Wild Alaska Pollock they are eating is good for them and good for the planet. 

“Wild Alaska Pollock performed so well at our restaurants and coffee bars last year that we had no choice but to expand the program and continue to build our partnership with these two incredible partners,” said Kati Lauffer, Director of Culinary for Nordstrom Restaurants. “At Nordstrom Ebars and Restaurants, we are always looking for proteins that get our Chefs excited and inspired to create handcrafted cuisine with contemporary flavors & a fresh twist. Not only is Wild Alaska Pollock the perfect fish to build these dishes, but the sustainability credentials fit perfectly with our Nordstrom values.”

“Building this partnership and program with Nordstrom, Trident and the Nordstrom Chefs has been one of the best examples of how partners with similar values can make a difference in the marketplace,” said Morris. “This year’s dishes are delicious and worth a special trip to Nordstrom Restaurants and Coffee Bars. This is only the beginning.  We are excited to see what this partnership will bring in the years to come.”

For more information about Wild Alaska Pollock and this partnership program visit alaskapollock.org.


About GAPP

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) is a nonprofit that advocates for one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious seafood products, U.S.-caught Wild Alaska Pollock. Our mission is to build demand and awareness for the fish through driving product innovation, conducting research, and creating awareness about product quality and the responsibly managed fishery the product comes from. Learn more at www.alaskapollock.org.

About Nordstrom

About Trident Seafoods

Trident Seafoods is the largest vertically integrated seafood harvesting and processing company in North America. Trident is a privately held, 100 percent USA-owned company with primary seafood processing operations and fleet support in twelve Alaska communities. Trident’s global operations produce finished wild Alaska seafood products in 6 countries and its sales teams serve customers in over 50 countries. Trident employs approximately 9,000 people worldwide each year and partners with over 5,400 independent fishermen and crewmembers. Species harvested and processed by Trident include virtually every commercial species of salmon, whitefish, and crab harvested in the North Pacific and Alaska. The global supply chain also includes cultured and wild species from a network of trusted sources worldwide.

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