Craig Morris , March 06, 2024

GAPP Board Approves Largest Program Budget to Date in Support of Influencers, Pollock People, Partnership Program & Roe and Surimi Demand Building Work


SEATTLE, Washington—Global consumer research, influencer “always on” collaborations, new partnerships and a greater push for surimi and roe demand-building will get more dedicated resources as part of the fiscal year 2025 budget approved by the Board of Directors, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced today. This significant new budget of $4.61 million—the largest the GAPP Board has approved to date—will also fund the creation of new materials, including webpages, for customers to highlight the Alaska provenance and superior workforce and labor practices of Wild Alaska Pollock in light of new consumer data showing that consumers react negatively to learning their fish came from Russia and in response to recent reports showcasing deplorable labor practices in China and elsewhere.

“This budget recognizes that there is continued momentum behind our fish and we need to keep pushing—harder and faster than ever,” said Bob Desautel, GAPP Chairman of the Board. “The plan GAPP has laid out for the next year is bold, strategic and innovative with a renewed focus on the global customer and consumer and a look towards the next five years for the industry and beyond.” 

As part of its renewed focus on international markets, GAPP will refresh its German website to more closely target information and materials to European customers and will push for additional Partnership Program applications from foreign partners looking to expand Wild Alaska Pollock usage abroad.

GAPP will also continue dedicated efforts to pursue new opportunities for both Wild Alaska Pollock surimi and roe, in part through research and development work and in part through partnership program projects. The plan also allows for the pursuit of opportunities to place Wild Alaska Pollock into sports and entertainment venues, on the heels of the announcement of the successful GAPP partnerships in sports venues in both Seattle and New York.

“Getting Wild Alaska Pollock into sports and entertainment venues and being nimble enough in our budget to allow GAPP to leverage Seattle-sports moments like the All-Star Game last year as a chance to highlight our fish and fishery is huge,” said Craig Morris, GAPP CEO. “We have to continue to pursue those opportunistic collaborations and we have to look to innovation, menu development and partnerships to grow long-term demand for surimi and roe and take those products into the future.”

The Board also approved new projects to continue telling the story of the people that make up the Wild Alaska Pollock fishery, including new content and assets for the so-called Pollock People campaign as well as funding to begin work to on the next iteration of the industry-wide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an important study used to measure the environmental impact improvements made since the last LCA was conducted in 2020. This year, GAPP will also continue to partner with social and food influencers to drive consumers to try Wild Alaska Pollock products at home in new and exciting ways.

At its meeting Tuesday, GAPP also welcomed and approved a new member, Phoenix Processors Limited Partnership (PPLP) to the organization, and recognized the significant contributions of outgoing Board Member Mark Franklin of Golden Alaska. The Board also recommended the addition of James Mize, the incoming CEO of Golden Alaska Seafoods as well as John Henderschedt, CEO of PPLP, to join the GAPP Board of Directors.

“GAPP and this industry are incredibly strong, and we need to keep pushing forward,” said Desautel. “This plan and budget directs resources where our industry needs them most: driving long-term demand and value for our perfect protein. We’re excited to welcome new members to the Board and are excited to see our leadership and staff drive and execute this ambitious plan in the year to come.”

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