March 06, 2023

GAPP Board Approves Ambitious Plan for Coming Fiscal Year

SEATTLE, Wash.— Authorizing another significant round of funding for the Partnership Program and new dollars towards telling the story of the people behind the Wild Alaska Pollock, the Board approved the bold plan for the coming fiscal year, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced today. The plan earmarks resources for new marketing and communications efforts, including influencer collaborations as well as international research designed to build demand for Wild Alaska Pollock globally.  

“This plan is a bold step forward, one that is designed to be disruptive in the best possible way, making significant new advances for our fish,” said Craig Morris, GAPP CEO. “The GAPP Board continues to drive accountability and action and this plan is an embodiment of their passion and vision for the future of Wild Alaska Pollock.” 

In addition to another activation with popular food and lifestyle influencers who will create new recipes and digital content promoting Wild Alaska Pollock and its attributes, the plan contains resources for a communications campaign that tells the story of the people who support and are supported by the Wild Alaska Pollock fishery.  

“There’s countless stories about the amazing men and women who built this industry from the ground up and move it forward every day,” said Bob Desautel, Chairman of the Board. “This campaign was the vision of our Board members and it’s been brought to life in this plan. I can’t wait to see it come to fruition, putting the spotlight where it should be: the people who make bringing this ‘good for you and good for the planet’ fish to the plates of consumers around the world.”  

The plan also authorizes another significant round of funding for GAPP’s signature Partnership Program, which matches investment by companies around the world in putting Wild Alaska Pollock into new forms, channels or associating the fish with influencers who can raise its profile among consumers.  

“The Partnership Program continues to be one of the most successful things that GAPP does. Just this Lenten season, we’re seeing our partners launch new products and menu items and tell the story of the fish and fishery in their marketing as well as on-pack and on-menu,” said Morris.  

In addition to various other communications and marketing activities, the 2023-24 plan also sets aside dollars for research projects designed to build upon the Wild Alaska Pollock 2040 research and gain greater understanding of select international markets in order to build long-term marketing and partnership programs in those markets.  

“Our Steering Committee told us loud and clear they wanted to see greater international focus and so you see that emphasized in the current plan approved by the GAPP Board,” said Morris. “Growing our international footprint is all about relationships and understanding, and that’s what we’re seeking to build out in the coming year for long-term success.” 

The new plan and associated budget will take effect at the start of GAPP’s new fiscal year on April 1. The GAPP Board also voted to approve Einar Gustafsson, American Seafoods Chief Executive Officer as a Director for the Bering Sea Catcher-Processor sector. Gustafsson will replace Inge Andreassen on the GAPP Board.  

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