The People Behind Wild Alaska Pollock

Meet Travis McClellan

During our time in Dutch Harbor for the 'People of Wild Alaska Pollock' campaign, we had the privilege of connecting with Travis McClellan, an unforgettable member of our Wild Alaska Pollock family. Unfortunately, since the time we were able to meet Travis, he has passed away, leaving an indelible mark on all of us.

Travis's journey began with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Appalachian State University, later earning his Chief Engineer credentials through the U.S. Coast Guard. For nearly four years, he lent his remarkable skills as Chief Engineer aboard the Sovereignty, forging deep bonds with Captain Jeff Crain and the entire crew.

Beyond his professional achievements, Travis was a beacon of warmth, wit, and unwavering loyalty. His inquisitive spirit, love of adventure, and ready laugh brightened the days of many. Travis's legacy is one of kindness, friendship, and boundless inspiration, forever etched in the Wild Alaska Pollock community.


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