The People Behind Wild Alaska Pollock

Meet Jeff Crain!

Captain of the Sovereignty, Trident Seafoods

I work for Trident Seafoods as the Captain of the Sovereignty, a 165 foot pollock trawler.

I lived in Alaska until my early teens before moving to Washington State with my family. I was just 17 years old when I took a job butchering crab in Dutch Harbor earning $2.10 per hour. While it wasn’t much, it brought me back to the state I love and launched an amazing career in the fishing industry.

I met my wife aboard the Arctic Trawler in 1984. We have two children who brought to our family the most amazing Son and Daughter in law. We have four grandchildren under the age of 5. As a family we spend a majority of my off time hunting and working our land in Eastern Washington.

Wild Alaskan Pollock has given me the career of a life time and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


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