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Situation: Wild Alaska Pollock is one of the most abundant and sustainable fisheries in the world. It is also delicious: A cousin to cod, it has a mild flavor, beautiful flake, is nutritious and is versatile enough to be used in all kinds of menus. The members of the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) believe that Wild Alaska Pollock has so much more to offer and are ready to co-finance innovation and communication in the European market related to this wonderful species.

Request for Proposals: GAPP welcomes proposals from any organization, in any country, who has a desire to re-introduce Wild Alaska Pollock to the European marketplace by communicating its storied attributes, and with particular focus on bringing this fish into new channels, new formats, and with new influencers and/or recipes. All product inputs should be considered—fillets, surimi, roe, fishmeal or oil.

This program is designed to be collaborative. One of the preeminent goals is to share learnings throughout the industry about new ways to build demand and raise awareness for Wild Alaska Pollock. Partners should be prepared to share project ideas and work collaboratively with GAPP both to achieve the program goals as well as to communicate the learnings and success of the funded projects as they relate to building demand and increasing awareness for Wild Alaska Pollock.

Proposal Review Timeline: Proposal Review Timing: In 2020, GAPP will hold one review for partnership proposals, as follows. Partners are not limited to one project per the review period and may submit multiple proposals for review.

Review: Proposals Due: March 15, 2020
Announcement: April 15, 2020

Project Requirements:

Geographic Scope: Europe

Focus Areas: Projects must:
1. Communicate required attributes of Wild Alaska Pollock, including Wild, Alaska sourced, and mild and flaky fish protein as well as other GAPP-tested and approved messaging; and
2. Bring to the European market Wild Alaska Pollock in new product forms where it is not now regularly present; or
3. Bring to the European market Wild Alaska Pollock to occasions or channels where it is not regularly sold/consumed; or
4. Bring Wild Alaska Pollock to a new consumer base that isn’t already aware of the attributes of the fish.

Funding Level: Partners must indicate their investment in the project, any 3rd party commitments, as well as the proposed investment by GAPP. GAPP funding levels will be determined based on the project’s ability to meet GAPP’s intended goals for this partnership, the potential ROI, project impact, and available funds.

Reporting: Proposals should include a description of the launch, including product, proposed packaging, and planned communications language and scope. These can be developed in collaboration with GAPP. Proposals should also detail metrics for success and must include an understanding of the reporting requirements to GAPP, specifically that partners are required to submit, on a quarterly basis:
1. 1-page Performance assessment of the program including how much spend has been undertaken, and for what, results for the spend, including volume, promotions, etc.;

2. 3 Images: the product in question, the product in its channel, and the product being consumed; and

3. 2 opportunities to amplify content on GAPP’s social media, including timing.

Publicity will be determined by agreement between GAPP and the selected partner(s).

GAPP Payments: Payment timing to be determined between GAPP and selected partners.

Proposal Submission Guidelines:

All applicants should provide a written proposal that addresses the following information.

1. Name of promotion/project:

2. Promotion/project start date:

3. Promotion/project completion date:

4. Target market:

5. Geographic distribution/coverage:

6. Project/promotion goals & metrics for success:

7. Description of project/promotion: (Please include all strategies, tactics, components, materials, and provide visuals, if possible)

8. Description of the specific product to be promoted or forum where Wild Alaska Pollock will be presented (Please include product and/or menu description, percentage of Wild Alaska Pollock content, whether the product will be introduced as a permanent item or limited time offer, anticipated price point, anticipated reach/target audience, anticipated publicity, desired impact.)

9. Suppliers of the Wild Alaska Pollock for this product (list all as applicable)

10. Describe how the Wild Alaska Pollock message will be communicated to the target market and audiences. Describe how this project and its results will be communicated during the project and following its conclusion both to GAPP members and the broader industry. How can GAPP help amplify your communications efforts?

11. Projected results, anticipated impact and how they will be measured, including any pre- and post-data or sentiment analysis/reach that will be collected. Indicate how the results of the project/promotion will be reported to GAPP and how GAPP can publicize the results of this project.

12. Proposed budget for promotion, including total costs and which portions of the budget would be paid for by you and which you propose would be paid for by GAPP.

Previously Funded Proposals
This is the first partnership program that GAPP has launched outside of the United States. For reference, the North American Partnership Program was conceived by the GAPP Board of Directors to recognize and provide support for companies throughout the Wild Alaska Pollock industry who are looking to bring new, innovative products to market or introduce the fish to food influencers and decision-makers at forums where it hasn’t previously had visibility. The organization received a record number of applications for the second round of funding through the program, and the Board selected 12 of those proposals to move forward and receive funding. For 2019-2020, GAPP has set aside fully $3 million towards this initiative and has earmarked nearly $1.3 million to date towards exciting partnerships in these first two rounds of funding.

Several second-round partners have used the partnership dollars to bring new, innovative products to the market that utilize Wild Alaska Pollock. Others have utilize partnership dollars to deliver Wild Alaska Pollock to new channels like meal kits featuring Wild Alaska Pollock available in retail and online. Funding also went to expand the successful launch of new formats for Wild Alaska Pollock and to other test markets and conduct in-store demonstrations for new product innovations.

Two proposals were dedicated to raising the profile of Wild Alaska Pollock with new consumers. The first is a culinary “Top Chef” competition that will encourage chefs and food distributors to devise recipes that utilize the delicious fish. The second is a collaboration with a celebrity food influencer who will work to develop new Wild Alaska Pollock recipes geared towards bringing millennials around the dinner table and using convenient ingredients—a huge driver of millennial food purchases—in new and exciting ways.

Each partner brings equal or greater funds to the table, meaning that for every dollar of GAPP investment, there is at least a one-to-one, and in most cases greater, investment in bringing WAP to new channels and consumers. While exact partner investments will remain confidential, the one million dollar GAPP investment will be more than tripled with matching partner funds.

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